Feedback From Our Clients

After much soul-searching, I decided to "take the plunge" and get myself a puppy. Thinking myself to be doing the right thing, I did lots of research and decided on a Bichon Frise. I just wanted a quiet, gentle companion who would be fairly easy to train. The breeder from whom I purchased "Sophie" had a sterling reputation; so I thought this would be an easy process.

After a week or so, I began to think that my Bichon was mixed with Tasmanian devil. Following a recommendation from a personal friend, I engaged a trainer to come to my house once a week and train Sophia and me. I must say she did learn to sit, heal and stay; however, housebreaking was out of the question. Not to mention the fact that every time I left the room or placed her in the kennel she would howl as if being skinned alive. After ten weeks of torment, I was literally at the end of my rope and considering designing "free to a good home posters." The thing was, I really love Sophie and as a last resort began calling businesses advertising pet training. Finally, someone told me about Scott and Hope Williams. Scott patiently listened to my almost tearful complaining and agreed to take Sophie for period of 10 to 14 days.

Sophie came home to me a little more than a week ago and she is a completely different dog. I have not had one incident of Sophie soiling the house (or as before, her kennel). She no longer
howls and as I write, she is sleeping in her bed in the kitchen. The old Sophie would never have done that. She is finally the quiet and gentle pet that I had envisioned.

Scott has been available to me to answer any questions I might have and has instructed me on how to reinforce the training she was given while in his care. He doesn't give up once the dog goes home and in fact, makes periodic calls to see how Sophie is progressing.

I would highly recommend Scott and Hope to anyone who is trying to train a dog. I was looking for the "magic wand" and for me and for Sophie, they had it. Anyone who has questions or is looking for more specific information is encouraged to call me at 407-228-0090407-228-0090

Betty Vernon

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Williams:

This letter is to say thank you for working with my puppy Betsy. I have noticed a great improvement since I got her back from training. I didn't think that she would get used to her crate, but now she loves it! I am 100% satisfied, and look forward to the ongoing training classes that you offer. Thank you again for all your hard work.

Sincerely, Brian Boodram

Dear Hope and Scott:

We're so grateful for the passion you both have for helping and training animals. Rarely do you find people that truly love what they do. That was so evident when we first met.

Our dog (an English Springer Spaniel) Reilly had quite an
attitude problem. She was just over a year old when thankfully we were given your business card to call for help. I will never forget our first meeting when I came to your house to drop Reilly off for the 10 day training. There was very little I had to tell Hope about what Reilly's problems were -because Reilly showed Hope right away. Reilly was very aggressive, did not socialize well, was not good around other animals – the list on. We thought we would have to find another home for Reilly.

After the 10 day training and Hope brought Reilly to our house – we could not believe the difference. We were showed what we needed to continue to do at home – and along with the eight week training – Reilly really has become the family dog we always wanted.

We feel you have taught us the proper tools and methods to continue to train Reilly. Although the commitment is huge – it is well worth the investment in time. We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for our family. Please fill free to give future clients our name and number for reference.

Sincerely, Kathleen Rodriguez

To whom it may concern:

This letter is meant to express my appreciation and thanks to central Florida Canine Academy. My husband and I purchased a four-month-old Yorkrie. He was really cute but was definitely a problem puppy. We read all the training books and have had other well-behaved dogs in the past. We were at a crossroads when we couldn't get him to stop going to the bathroom in his crate, the house and anywhere EXCEPT OUTSIDE! Even if you sat outside for hours he just didn't get it. He also had severe separation anxiety. He wouldn't stay by himself and if he was alone he would go potty automatically. So frantically I went to the phone book and found Scott and Hope. They saved the day. We sent him (Louis the probably Yorkie) to them. It was our last hope. But Scott and Hope reassured us he would do great! It was awful two weeks without him. Actually it was kind of nice knowing he could possibly come home a well – adjusted pup. The day of delivery came and Hope and Scott brought him home. He was perfect. More
than we expected. He didn't potty in the house anymore and also new sit,
"kennel up" where he gets in his crate, and best of all no more separation anxiety. Now he is a little too independent. Love to play outside all day. Sleeps through the night and the list goes on. I would highly recommend the Academy. We are now in the weekly obedience classes. He gets better every day.


Best of luck-Melissa Adcock

Scott and Hope,

Thank you for the excellent job you did in training our lab "Buddy". Before your services Buddy was so much of the behavioral problem we didn't think we had the time to invest in the necessary training. Not only did you come to our home but you took buddy in as well. Now he's a pleasure and we can't imagine our family without him. I especially enjoy how obedient he is during his walks. Thanks again will spread the word!

Elaine and Mike Goodbread

Scott and Hope,

Thanks so much for your time and supporting our training with Bailey! We appreciate all you have done for us.

The Mamarys