Chewbacca "Chewy" Edward Williams
12/24/99 - 01/18/13

A Love Letter to Dad

Dear dad,

Where should I begin to even thank you for one amazing life. Well, maybe I should say thanks for loving the breed or thanks for picking me, when there were 10 others trying to get your attention. Thanks for having the patience even though I tried them more than most and never giving up on me, and always seeing my potential. Thanks for the million car rides I received, even though you had a lot to do that day. Thanks for the thousands of times I barked and startled you and you never held it against me. Thanks for enduring the millions of sloppy licks that I had to give you when you least expected it. But most of all thanks for loving all of me just the way I was.

Dad, I hope one day you only look at this book with a smile, and remember all the great memories that we made together. Thanks for spending 13 years with me writing this book. Thanks for a story with nothing but happy tails. So don't feel blue for long, it's not every day a dog gets a life like mine. Thanks for putting me first and thanks for all of our adventures!

Lots of licks love,