About Us

Our names are Scott and Hope Williams, owner operators, who teamed up and established a canine training and behavioral consulting business beginning in 2003. Prior to that, we have had experience working with our own pets as well as others. It was our first dog Chewy, a chocolate Labrador retriever, who proved to be a lot to handle. After just a few months of having him as a small puppy, we sought out a professional to help tame our wild beast. After much work and dedication, we not only had a great pet but he now is an amazing service dog. He truly was our inspiration to learn more about our canine counterpart.

During Chewy's first year training we acquired our second dog America, a yellow Labrador  retriever, who trained alongside him as a service dog as well. Throughout their training we gained valuable experience and knowledge as volunteers instructing training classes and assisting individuals' with their personal canine behavior issues. After volunteering and working with other dogs and adding to our own pack, Central Florida Canine Academy was born.


Since then, we have worked with hundreds of dogs with a variety of issues. However, our  mission still stands as it did 10 years ago to - "Develop the Companion You Desire". Our goal is to achieve that mission with each new dog owner in hopes of fostering a happy and healthy long term human canine relationship.

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