Beagle and lab enjoying a Sunday evening outing. Take your dogs out in public with confidence.


Professional Dog Training services for behavior modification, crate training, canine socialization, and puppy training.


Central Florida Canine Academy is a dog training and behavior consulting business servicing central Florida for the last 10 years. We have prided ourselves on making you the dog owner happy and content with your canine friend. Even though when we decide to take the plunge and add to the pack things don't always go as planned. That's where we can help. Some owners have difficulties molding their pet into one that fits the pack. Some annoying behavior traits can be easily modified with some basic rules and plenty of patience. Our philosophy is to help you physically and mentally stimulate your dog to achieve maximum mental balance thereby enhancing your canine relations. Did you ever hear the saying "when mamas happy everybody's happy." Well that applies to your pet. When we give our dog basic mental and physical stimulation we achieve balance. Balance is what we all strive for and it is just as important to our canine friends. When you see a dog that can walk without pulling or barking or any of the other typical traits that we ordinarily witness we need to be following that lead. With some daily physical and mental stimulation you too can have that dog. We have helped hundreds of owners to achieve canine balance. Our goal is to help you do this with the lifestyle that you already have. Of course, there are some key things you may have to integrate but the dog can make swift improvements by our diligence to follow thru.